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Encoder sensor (Industrial parts)

An encoder is a sensor that detects the mechanical position and speed of a motor and converts it into an electrical signal in the form of a pulse. The motor feedback sensor function is essential for high-speed, high-precision control in automated equipment.
We are producing optical and magnetic types, and our main applications are CNC machine tools, elevators, stages, textile machines, packaging machines, warehouses, and robots.

Encoder sensor (Military parts)

The encoder is a component that precisely moves and controls the barrel by coordinate values to improve the accuracy of armored vehicles/cannons, and is mainly applied to maneuvering and firepower systems. In recent years, advanced unmanned systems such as defense robots, remote fire control systems, and unmanned vehicles have been installed and applied as important key components for improving combat power.

LED lighting (machine vision)

Machine vision for LED lighting is a new and useful inspection field that replaces the “judgment”, which is the unique thinking ability of humans, by replacing the inspection of machines, LCDs, and semiconductor products that humans have to do through cameras and computers.

The necessary components are a digital camera that acquires images, software that processes and analyzes images, and a lighting device that illuminates the object. At this time, the object is inspected for defects using the light source and optical fiber guide, which are components of the lighting device.