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“We will stand by the customer to the very end to ensure customer’s success.”

Ever since our establishment, we developed encoder, a core part of the plant automation field, and light source device in Korea, and supplied them to the diverse industrial fields amidst everyday life.

Although we experienced numerous obstacles, trials and errors during this process, we are writing the history of the company today as well based on persevering challenging spirit and passion.

Currently, KWANGWOO is preparing for and acting on the 2nd take-off.

As of August 2017, I got inaugurated as the 2nd President, succeeding CEO Seo Sang-Hong, who is the founder of the KWANGWOO Co., Ltd., and also its 1st President.

We promise you that we will grow into a small, but powerful company while abiding by our existing management philosophies of trust, passion and challenging.

Today’s world is one where our imagination becomes the reality and where the related technologies are evolving very fast every day. To ensure that we can also participate in the realization of this world and to play a core role, we will satisfy the customers by securing future growth momentum, establishing portfolio, and engage in quality innovation activities, and will become a respected company that fulfills its responsibility in the society.